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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Evans Equipment provides water treatment equipment that captures and treats wash water, resulting in an environmentally compliant way for businesses to wash industrial equipment.

Bioremediation with Evans Biological System (EBS)

Bioremediation uses organisms in a proprietary microbe solution to rapidly degrade organic contaminants such as oil, grease, diesel, and drilling mud. The process converts these contaminants into water and carbon dioxide. Read more about Bioremediation with Evans Biological System.

Closed Loop Waste Water Treatment

A zero discharge system (or closed loop system) is designed to recycle, filter and reuse the water that is used by a pressure washer or steam cleaner.

Discharge Treatment Systems

Evans Equipment & Environmental offers several industrial water filtration systems that will properly treat your wash water, making it safe for discharge.

Process Water Treatment Systems

By introducing bacteria into the mechanical filtration sequence, you have a natural way to treat wash water. This process is called bioremediation, which using microbes to naturally eat away the oil and grease. Another filtration process uses electrocoagulation and polymers to treat emulsified oils and heavy metals, essentially separating suspended solids from the water for removal.

Evaporation for Wastewater Treatment

A wastewater evaporator is an energy efficient way to process at rates of up to 60 gallons of wash water per hour. Evaporation technology uses high heat to remove excess water.

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