Rent your equipment when and where you need it...

Short term jobs? Off site? Temporary work?

Rent professional, quality pressure washers and environmental systems when and where you need them. We make it possible for you to rent the right equipment for your job anywhere along the Gulf Coast. Our well-maintained fleet can handle your big or small jobs.

We offer standard hot water pressure washers, explosion proof pressure washers, and portable wash pads. We also offer custom solutions with rental financing, such as wash bays, biosystems, and other water treatment systems.


We provide industrial pressure washer packages with the highest standards of safety, quality and service so you can focus on the job at hand. Our well maintained fleet offers a fast and affordable rental option for your dirty jobs, such as drilling rigs, tank cleaning, oil spill response and barge cleaning.

24-Hour On Call Service

GPS Tracking

Equipped Safety Features


There are various uses for wash pads to keep your equipment and vehicles clean and serviced while also protecting your facilities and the environment. With the advent of portable wash pads, it is easier than ever to have a self-contained washing location with ease and flexibility.

Portable wash pads are flexible, easily modified, and built on a quick turnaround. Whether you are in a temporary facility, your business is changing rapidly, or on a tight timeline, Portable Wash Pads can be a great solution.


We understand the need for a holistic approach to water recycling. When it comes to your wastewater treatment, there needs to be a solution for your facility’s water quality requirements, water demand and separation expectations. We provide water treatment equipment that captures and treats wash water, resulting in an environmentally compliant way for businesses to wash industrial equipment.

We have three different wastewater systems: EBS (Evans Biological System), EMS (Evans Mechanical System) and Evaporation for Wastewater Treatment.