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Case Study: Construction Support Service

The Challenge:

As a new oilfield service company specializing in pressure control, this startup company needed to setup five new locations across the country in a short period of time. Each facility needed to have a wash area to clean and service the wellheads.

The customer needed not only the equipment for these five facilities, but they needed expert help supervising simultaneous construction of 5 different complete solutions and support for the general contractors doing the work no matter what part of the country they were in.

The Solution:

Evans Equipment and Environmental is one of the few companies that offers a construction support service. We can take full responsibility for the construction by doing the work ourselves, or by supervising the construction and installation of our equipment so that you avoid the problems that can arise when working with general contractors with little or no expericence specific to wash and wastewater treatment systems.

With Evan’s unique construction support service, the startup company was able to get five uniform systems up and running, in a short time, with none of the problems of using five different vendors in five different states.

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We take full responsibility by either doing the construction ourselves, or offering you our ‘construction support service’ for your contractor.