The majority of our equipment is centered on water treatment for industrial wash facilities. We provide water treatment equipment nationwide.


For pressure washers in the Gulf Coast region, our selection is unbeatable, including hot water, cold water and explosion-proof models. We also provide design of wash bays and systems incorporating pressure washers for responsible water treatment and discharge.

24/7 Support

We can service your pressure washer equipment at any time of day and on any day of the week in the Gulf Coast region.

Industrial Wash Bay with Pressure Washer

Many of our customers choose a custom wastewater treatment system paired with a pressure washer in order to responsibly dispose of wastewater.


These self-contained wash pads can be positioned in a location where no extensive plumbing and construction is needed. Plus, if there’s a chance your business will relocate, the wash pad can be moved on a flat bed or trailer without special oversize permits.

Quick Assembly

You can build and install an above-ground pad much quicker than a permanent concrete wash pad.


Have the flexibility in a permanent facility of moving the wash pad’s location over time as you expand your business and facilities.


We can custom design wash bays for your unique needs. If you need a large washing bay, we can provide a design for exactly what you need and meets regulatory codes in your location. Our in-house design and fabrication teams can design, build, and install your specialized wash rack equipment on budget. Within a timeframe that doesn’t cost you more than it should, we can design a wash bay to fit your existing space, and retrofit or upgrade your existing wash bay.

Custom Design or Upgrade

Our models and drawings provide information on the equipment layout, the construction details, as well as the electrical and plumbing specifications.

On Time and On Budget

We professionally fabricate equipment at a cost that will protect your bottom-line, while also accommodating your timeline and environmental needs.