Specialized Wastewater Treatment Project? No Problem…

One of the challenges our customers face is the ability to set up a compliant wastewater treatment operation in a remote, temporary, or limited resource environment. The permitting alone in some areas can take significant time if you are not familiar with the local regulations.

Recently, one of our customers needed the ability to clean and recycle water used in an offshore pipe cleaning operation. The Evans team consulted with the customer and came up with a plan for the project:

  1. Design and construct a series of underground pits to settle solids and pre-treat the water. The Evans team would need to handle the entire construction, from concrete forming and pouring to final equipment installation. (See below for photos from the project)
  2. Install a Evans Closed-Loop Wastewater Treatment System to filter and recycle the water for reuse.
  3. Provide a maintenance plan to make sure the operation continues to work smoothly.

The result allowed the customer to recycle quality water so they could efficiently clean the equipment needed.

Do you have a specialized wastewater treatment project?

Success in these situations comes down to planning and execution with a single, experienced partner. That’s where Evans can help as a complete solutions provider, taking care of the project from end-to-end so you can save time and money that would be spent managing multiple contractors and agencies.

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