wastewater systems maintenance

At Evans Equipment & Environmental, we understand the maintance on washpad systems can be costly when it comes to meeting compliance standards, so we design our Biological Systems to be a low maintenance solution to recover and recycle wastewater. And even though the system is considered low maintenance, it is vitally important the system is […]

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truck washing bay

Evans Equipment & Environmental has the resources and the knowledge to assist you with the turnkey solutions to satisfy all of your washpad needs – whether you need to build a washpad and wastewater treatment system at your facility from scratch OR whether you have a current system that is no longer adequate and does […]

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industrial washbays

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands what it takes to successfully manufacture and install a washpad and wastewater treatment system. Industries vary greatly when it comes to how water is treated and used. For example, the Oil & Gas industry will have vastly different requirements and needs than, say, the equipment rental industry. Not All Washpad […]

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