We’ve been busy lately loading up sleds for early Christmas delivery. Just this week we were preparing a set of propane-fueled pressure washer units for one of our industry partners so they would have new equipment before the year is out. It’s our goal to make sure each of our customers are taken care of […]

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Environmental Challenges for Rental Companies

Last week, I got to sit down with Donald Charbonnet to discuss the environmental challenges rental equipment companies are facing today. Let’s face it, if you have equipment to wash, that also means you have wastewater to treat and regulations to comply with. If this applies to you, listen in to the recorded show below […]

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use a portable wash system

  One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to your wastewater treatment plan is deciding on the location. Not only do you need enough space to effectively clean the equipment, but you also have to think about water supply, waste/environmental regulations, all the equipment and supplies for treating the wastewater, and the list […]

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