successful build-out

  Wastewater treatment often presents a unique challenge to many industrial companies. A custom build-out of an industrial wash system requires expertise in multiple fields. Unfortunately for the customer, the project gets complicated and costs skyrocket when you have to deal with multiple firms or contractors for equipment design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. If you have faced these challenges, we want […]

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preventive maintenance

  You can with your industrial wash system. Evans Equipment and Environmental designs and builds wastewater treatment and pressure wash systems for reliable high performance.  Scheduled maintenance helps assure the quality of water is environmentally compliant while the system performs as designed. Keep It Clean    The very purpose of your wastewater treatment system is […]

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Wastewater system case studies

  In the water treatment field, one very common concern we encounter from our customers is this: “Wastewater filtration systems can be messy, foul smelling, and full of oil and grease.” However, in the last fifteen years, wastewater treatment systems have progressed rapidly. Three of the main improvements over the last decade include: How the system moves water. […]

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