pressure washing equipment

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the importance of containment when it comes to your wastewater and hazardous liquids. Penalties for non-compliance on proper wastewater storage can range from a mere written warning, all the way up to a $25k per day offense. But non-compliance penalties aren’t your only concern. How do you avoid these penalties […]

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water filtration system guard rail

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the role that regulations play when it comes to designing an industrial washpad and wastewater treatment system that will meet your needs. Our fabrication and construction departments work closely with you to determine your needs and any obstacles that might need to be overcome when it comes to your wastewater […]

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custom wastewater treatment system

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands water pre-treatment is the cornerstone of effective washpad systems. Whether you need to recycle wash water or discharge cycled water to a public sewer system, the correct pre-treatment design can mean the difference between the efficient operation of your system and unnecessary downtime due to compliance issues and fines.  When […]

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