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Permanent Wash Bay Systems for cleaning trucks and heavy equipment

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Evans Equipment & Environmental provides businesses with wash bay systems, an efficient means of washing trucks, vehicles and heavy equipment.

A wash bay typically consists of an area that is large enough to drive equipment into, with hoses, hose reels and trigger guns positioned within close proximity to the washing area. A pressure washer is located away from the washing area, controlled by a remote control to turn the pressure washer on and off.

Optional water treatment equipment can be installed to capture the dirty wash water into a sump where oil, grease and other contaminants are filtered out, allowing the water to be recycled or treated for sewer discharge. Evans Equipment & Environmental offers full construction services for wash bays. We will begin with a site evaluation, move into computer drawings, and then onto construction of the actual facility.

A wash bay system offers many benefits:

  1. A wash bay can be equipped with a series of hoses connected to a trolley system for easy mobility around the vehicle you’re washing.
  2. Multiple users can wash simultaneously, saving time and costs.
  3. The pressure washer can be connected into existing natural gas and water lines, meaning you’ll never need to worry about fuel.
  4. Large, bulk size detergent can be positioned near the pressure washer to mix properly with the water for quicker, more efficient cleaning.
  5. Choose Evans Equipment & Environmental for a one-stop solution – we provide design, construction, installation and equipment of permanent wash bays.

Evans Equipment & Environmental would like to hear from you if you’re interested in learning more about a permanent wash bay system. Our team is highly knowledgeable, experienced and looks forward to solving problems that arise within the area of environmental water compliance. We have five locations in the Gulf Coast region, but travel nationwide to install permanent wash bays.

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